Severe Skin Care For Acne-Prone Skin


Serious Skin Care For Acne-Prone Skin

When it comes to acne, a lot of information is available from different resources. Old wives’ tales, random experiments, and even misguided practices that promise instant cures for acne are usually followed by many in the hopes of being pimple-free. Unfortunately, some, if not all, of these are without scientific foundation and can even make acne worse. Severe skin care for acne-prone skin starts with the right and proper info.

On causes of acne:

There are a lot of myths concerning the causes and treatment for acne. Below are just some of the most popular and broadly practiced acne myths:

* Stress

Tension does not cause acne but it can make acne worse. Scientific studies show that stress can affect a person’ s i9000 hormonal cycle which can make the existing acne condition worse. Also, some psychiatric medicines taken to reduce stress can acne as a side effect.

* Masturbation or sex

Sex or masturbation does not cause acne. Studies done to relate sex or masturbation to acne are inconclusive with no additional evidence. An old wives’ tale, this acne myth became popular during the earlier 17th century to discourage ladies from engaging in pre-marital sex or other scandalous behavior. Some misleading adults even use the fear of having acne to discourage adolescents of today from engaging in sex at an early age.

* Chocolates and oily meals

Although eating too much of sweets and oily food is in no way good for anybody, the relationship between acne and this food group is largely roundabout. Hormonal changes, which is the most common reason for acne, may cause a person to alternately crave sweet and salty meals like chocolates and chips. Considering that this craving often coincides along with acne flare ups, this meals group has been misleadingly labeled as a reason of acne.

On cures for acne

If myths on the probable reasons behind acne are abundant, there are also a lot of so-called cures that promise instant freedom from acne. These are:

* Frequent face washing

Since excess dirt and oil are among the causes of acne, some individuals have this misguided notion that frequently washing one’ s face can prevent and treat acne. Nevertheless , this is not the case. Doing so only worsens acne since the skin is removed off protective lipids which can make it sensitive, dry, and prone to irritations.

* Toothpaste

Toothpaste has antiseptic qualities which can cause a pimple to dry up. However , while applying toothpaste to acne may be effective to some, it can cause greater damage to others particularly if applied for over time. Toothpaste can dry up surrounding areas and “burn” pimple spots which can lead to discolorations.

* Sun exposure

Probably one of the most idiotic acne myth to surface, some people recommend this. However , sun exposure can simply lead to one thing: skin damage. Tans plus darker skin tones only conceal or camouflage acne but a closer look and touch may reveal bumps and zits. This could make the acne situation worse considering that sun exposure can make one’ s i9000 skin dry, flaky, discolored, plus extra-sensitive.

Eating balanced diet, exercising, getting enough relaxation, and following a skin care regimen particular to one’ s skin type are crucial for serious skin care of acne-prone skin. Medications and treatments recommended by a dermatologist can also help greatly.

7 Responses to “Severe Skin Care For Acne-Prone Skin”

  • Harry:

    I have spent over 30 dollars on skin care products that don’t work. There is this severe acne treatment that doesn’t work for me. What are some home remdies? I have oily to combination skin I think. How can you figure out what skin type you have? Also, how long do you leave it on and how many times a day and how long until it works? I have really bad skin. I need all the help I can get and please don’t suggest store-bought things unless they work REALLY good and fast.

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    i’m graduating on wednesday so in 2 days.
    i have this red rash underneath my eye should i use hydro cortisone 2.5%?
    and i have this scab i peeled off and it was bloody which i cleaned out with alchohol,(with a cotton swab), how many times should i put alchohol on it so i can make it a scab again? and i just started using this exfiolating clean&clear scrub instead of my old clean&clear bene. peroxide 10% wash which worked good….im getting more breakouts is it the scrub (does not say to help acne) or my 10% bene. peroxide clearisal tinted cream?

  • Armas:

    Out of all the skin care products you have used witch have you found the most effective? My skin is kind of oily and more prone to black heads than zits(sorry i know that’s gross but some lines are for acne prone skin).

  • Praveen:

    i have super oily skin, and i want a face primer that will keep that oily look away, and make my make up stay on all day. whats the best primer for oily skin? price dosent matter, as long as it works

  • Harriet W:

    i dont have severe acne its just like once every 2 mos ill get a pimple and its rlyy embarassing /:
    barbara whipps lol ur rly funny and ull win best answer. hahah and yes i hateee having flawless skin sometimes /: (im not a bitch either. lol)

  • apleaforbrandon:

    I want to buy a good skin cleanser for my 13 year old daughter, but don’t know what all the chemicals are. Does anyone know anything about the ingredients in the St Ives Apricot Scrub?

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again:

    At age 15 oily acne prone skin is a problem. Anybody know if Proactiv is good? I like the products that come in kits with the cleansers toners treatments moisturizers and spot treatments. Ive used clean and clear and hated it, so dont even bring that up, it made my face red inflammed and broke out even more from it. Through out the day my face gets oily I’ve tryed blotting sheets, dont like it either. (I wear MAC liquid & powder foundation) So as the day goes oil starts to build up breaking down my makeup and it looks terrible. I dont have time during school to keep going to the bathroom to retouch make up and blot my face. I need products I can use the night before or the morning of that will control oil throughout the day. It may not be good but i kind of want something to dry out my face because its just way to oily!

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