Wife’s Rights in Divorce

Divorce is the legal expression for separation of married couples. Given that marriage is a legal contract, the particular divorce involves a complex procedure through which estranged spouses has to move in order to receive the legal separation. Separation and divorce separates, two lives, in fact , 2 families and so there are many aspects of residing that are taken into account during the divorce procedure. Aspects like alimony, divorce legal rights, child custody and property distribution have to be dealt with in order to initiate divorce. To conduct the divorce in a reasonable way the there are some divorce legal rights separately for the husband and the wife. The following information will help you to get an idea of wife’ s rights within divorce.

Information on Wife’ s Rights in Divorce

In olden days spouses were mostly home makers and hardly used to earn money. So , for them divorce was not only a social whack but also a financial one. To protect spouses from such miseries the courtroom passed out divorce rights laws and regulations. Though the social scenario has changed, females are now as financially independent as men, but there are certain wife’ t rights in divorce that safe guards the status of divorcee females to a great extent.

• The earliest right of the wife is that to learn why her husband is prepared to give the divorce. There have been several occasions when husbands are not willing to explain the reason associated with divorcing his wife. The legal rights ensure that under no circumstances the husband can evade on mentioning the grounds where he has decided to divorce during the lawful process which involves the wife as well.

The following are the grounds where the husband can only give divorce to his wife.

1 . If the wife has dedicated adultery

2 .

The behavior has been bad for an intolerable level and he can no longer endure to live along with the wife

3. The wife has deserted the particular husband for at least two years

4. The wife has lived apart with the husband for a minimum of five years

• Pension plans are one of the most important facets of divorce settlements.

The particular pension plans consist of huge chunk of money and they can be distributed below several sections like the individual retirement accounts, 401(k) plans, company monthly pension plans, military pensions, and federal government employee retirement plans, including the federal government, state and local plans. To receive the share of husband’ t pension plan the wife would have to at first get the order issued by divorce court directing the monthly pension plan administrators to pay or to push out a certain sum of the husband’ t pension plan to the wife.

In case of a private pension plan, the wife has to receive the Skilled Domestic Relations Order or QDRO issued by the court.

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  • Jeracoo L:

    Trends over the last year have led to job losses, loss of face value, disruption of earnings potential & marital discord in many homes. The fallout of these unfortunate events are obviously separation, divorces or even annulments. Do you feel such actions are justified & warranted?

  • shahedC:

    I have been separated from my husband since 11 months now and have no intention of returning.He attempted to take my life and I escaped with the help of family to reach my parental home with my daughter.He has filed for restitution of conjugal rights.Can I file for divorce under theses circumstances on the grounds of attempt on my life by him?

  • mr flibble:

    I can’t find any websites from an Islamic point of view. Not today, but in early times did they think it was fair, unfair, etc?

    Thanks so much! :)

  • hank baseballs:

    So basically six months ago I kicked my wife out of the house. I got tired of dealing with her depression issues and losing jobs because she had constant headaches that kept her sick. Also because I didn’t want to deal with her parents issues anymore after 8 years I had enough. I got full custody of our 5 year old daughter and she got supervised visits only when I say it’s okay. She didn’t try to fight me in court or nothing. She also works a min wage job at a Christian preschool so can’t afford a lawyer. Up until a few days ago she has done what I said when I said it but now I heard threw a family member she is planning on taking me to court for alimony. I got into her face book and found out she is dating someone. So isn’t that grounds to keep her from getting anything including custody? She would have to go to court and represent herself because she is poor and legal aid in our area doesn‘t help with custody matters cause no funs I called and asked. She lives with the owner of the daycare. She’s been to afraid to even take me to court up until now. I make over 1,000 every two weeks. I told her if she pushed it I would get her for child support and take everything she makes. She’s been to the local health department and got a paper saying there is nothing wrong with her. Was also told if there was she wouldn’t be able to work with children like she has her whole life because NC state rules are strict on them. I have two lawyers that are handling our separation/divorce case. Yes we have separation papers already. Any info of someone that’s been threw this would be great. Also she has been in a mental hospital once after she had a miscarriage and couldn’t handle it. I can use that against her right?

  • mike s:

    All my friends call me the ScrapWoman because I’m an expert at seducing my girlfriends’ boyfriends or husbands. All my partners were attached men and I proudly destroyed their relationship and provoked countless separations, divorces and the abandonment of pets and children, including newborns.

    The problems is that I seem unable to attract a NORMAL single man to be my boyfriends: I ALWAYS have to scour for scraps in my girlfriends garbage cans. I wish I could get a boyfriend on my own who has NEVER dated or married one of my friends, but I can’t attract single men.

    Anybody has an idea why?
    T: I flirt all day long with as many men as possible, and I barely have any friends: they all desert me as soon as they get to know the real me.

    Emma: You are probably right, but I spent 15 yrs in the sex trade.
    Phukyou Payme : No, some of my friends are much more attractive and nice than myself, but I make sure I flash their husbands/boyfriends and provoke them relentlessly until they fall, that’s for sure.

  • mr flibble:

    This is a case of a legal separation and a divorce in progress. Do you have to pay the full amount or are there different terms if the spouse is deported before the papers are all turned in for the divorce?

  • Denali:

    I got married in december to an active duty member and things didn’t work out but i don’t know what to do from here. I am 18 and going to college still. He is stationed in another state and we never lived in the same house. I don’t have any source of income anymore and i was just wondering if i would be intitled to any rights.

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